If you are involved in an accident involving a commercial truck, the trucking accident injury lawyers at Wittmer|Linehan can assist you in maximizing your recovery. Truck drivers are required to secure their loads properly before they drive on roadways. If a truck’s load is not properly secured, it can result in serious problems. Generally, most issues occur when a truck’s load shifts during travel. Truck drivers who are required to quickly shift lanes or stop suddenly can have their loads shift, causing drivers to lose control of their trucks. Accordingly, the truck may swerve and the truck driver may lose control. If you are injured as a result of an accident caused by a truck’s improperly secured load, the knowledgeable trucking accident attorneys at Wittmer|Linehan can help. 

Furthermore, serious problems can arise when a truck’s load is not properly secured and becomes completely loose from the truck. Accordingly, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) regulates and supervises commercial truck safety to ensure that truck drivers properly secure their loads. Truck drivers need to properly secure their loads in a specific manner according to the rules and guidelines imposed by the FMCSA. Depending on the type of load that is being carried, various methods are required to ensure that loads remain secure during travel. If a truck’s load is not secured according to the rules and spills onto roadways, this can cause the potential for serious accidents. Spills can become especially problematic if loose items hit other motorists or create roadway blockage and hazards. A knowledgeable trucking accident injury attorney can help you evaluate whether certain load regulations were followed if you are involved in a lost load accident. 

Often, accidents involving large trucks are caused by the actions of an employer, loading company, or parties other than the driver. Trucks that are overloaded or fail to follow weight and load limitations can lead to serious problems that can cause accidents. If you become involved in an accident involving a truck losing a load, you should act immediately. Loose loads are a serious problem for drivers and thus negligent truck drivers, trucking companies, or other involved parties should be held responsible for the damage that is caused as a result of their negligence. An experienced trucking accident lawyer will immediately begin investigating what caused the load to shift and spill onto the road and will inspect the truck to see how the load was secured. The trucking accident attorneys at Wittmer|Linehan will assist you in investigating the circumstances surrounding your accident and the efforts undertaken by the driver to secure and inspect loads prior to their departure. 

Wittmer|Linehan has extensive experience in the rules and regulations governing intrastate and interstate commercial trucking. Our attorneys are not afraid to take on large insurance companies to maximize your recovery. We understand that if you are badly injured as a result of a trucking accident, most insurance policy maximums do not compensate you for your damages and losses. The truck accident injury lawyers at Wittmer|Linehan understand Florida’s “bad faith” law and have used it to recover more money than our clients’ insurance maximums.  Call us at (941) 365-2296 for more information.