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A man grabs his knee as he sits on the ground at the bottom of the concrete and metal stair that he fell down

Sarasota Slip/Fall & Premises Liability Lawyers

Property owners and managers are required by law to maintain buildings and premises in a reasonably safe manner. This means that the owner must:

  • Comply with local building codes and other requirements
  • Fix any issues that pose a safety hazard
  • Remove or otherwise address hazards within a reasonable time
  • Warn guests of potential dangers
  • Install safety equipment where necessary
  • Provide adequate security
  • Train employees to act in a safe manner

If the responsible party fails to do any of the above and someone is injured, they are required to pay compensation to the victim. Whether it’s a slip-and-fall in the fruit aisle of the grocery store, a head injury from falling debris, or a broken ankle from stepping in a hole in a neighbor’s yard, injuries caused by unsafe conditions result in trips to the emergency room and lost wages.

The attorneys at the law firm of Steven T. Wittmer PLLC have experience in all kinds of premises liability cases, such as slip-and-falls, injuries sustained due to falling debris, injuries sustained from unsafe property conditions, pool accidents, physical assaults due to inadequate security measures and more. Our Sarasota office works with investigators to photograph the accident scene, interview witnesses and employees, collect any evidence that may be available and review safety inspection records. We have access to engineering, code violation and premises experts to assist in determining liability in these types of cases. In addition, our office maintains a network of professionals to support you. We work with medical experts and economic experts to demonstrate the extent of your injuries, get you the proper treatments, and to show how your injuries have impacted your life.

If You Are Injured On Someone Else’s Property

It is not uncommon for a business or property owner’s insurance company to argue that their client did nothing wrong or did not cause the injury to occur. Often, the injury victim is blamed for the accident for various reasons. Our premises liability lawyers know the tactics and strategies that insurance companies use and we know how to combat them. Our office gets results for clients who have been injured by the negligence of others.

A business man about to trip on the cable of a surge protector as he walks away from his desk

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It is important to remember that a property owner’s insurance company is not on your side. If something on the floor causes you to slip, trip or fall, or improper repairs cause you injury, you have the legal right to seek compensation. Do not sign any paperwork or agree to an offer from an insurance company without getting legal advice of your own. Consult the law firm of Steven T. Wittmer PLLC to get the information you need to make the right decisions about how to proceed with your premises liability case. We will make sure that your claim to financial damages accurately reflects the severity and impact of your injuries. Contact us online or call 941.365.2296.