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Due to confidential settlement agreements and privacy acts, the names of some of the parties to the following cases have been withheld.

$1,000,000 Recovery (Policy limits: $200,000)

Timothy and John Rooney were leaving their subdivision for a ride on their motorcycles when the Defendant driver went through a stop sign and struck both of them. Both of the them were thrown from their motorcycles and sustained serious injuries, however both were fortunate to be wearing helmets at the time of the crash. An offer was sent to the defendant's insurance company requesting a policy limit settlement of $200,000. Defendant's insurance company initially denied liability and did not comply with our offer. After filing suit against the defendant, but prior to trial, the insurance company agreed to settle for a total of $1,000,000. Injuries: Timothy Rooney sustained multiple skull & facial fractures requiring surgery; subdural hematoma; pelvic fractures, fractured leg requiring surgery, broken collarbone and scapula, mid/low back and neck pain & vision complications. John Rooney sustained multiple rib fractures, respiratory failure, multiple leg fractures requiring surgery, lacerated liver & spleen requiring a splenectomy, traumatic brain injury & broken vertebrae. Damages:Past & future medical expenses, loss of [...]

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$708,301 Total Recovery ($130,000 Defendant Owner Recovery & $578,301 Verdict) (Policy Limits: $100,000)

Travis Kirkland and his friend were on their way home after celebrating St. Patrick's Day at a local bar. While stopped at a light, his friend's truck was struck from behind by a minor driver. After the crash, both Travis and the driver exited the vehicle to assess the damage. At that time, the minor driver restarted his vehicle, drove onto the side walk and struck Travis Kirkland throwing him in the air and severely injuring him. The minor driver was caught a few blocks away and was arrested for leaving the scene of an accident as well as for drunk driving. Travis was transported via Bayflight and then endured months of surgeries and rehab on his knee, eventually requiring a total knee replacement. An offer was sent to the UM carrier of the vehicle that Travis was in as well as to the owner of the Defendant's vehicle. Our office secured settlements from the UM as well as from the owner of the vehicle for the initial crash. [...]

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$589,717 Recovery (Policy Limits: $500,000)

Our client was driving from her office in Palmetto to a meeting in Venice on I-75 when the defendant swerved into her lane causing her to leave the road and hit some trees on the side of the interstate. The defendant initially fled the scene of the accident but was chased down by an eye witness. The defendant and the company he worked for finally admitted to liability for the accident but did not comply with the terms of our offer to settle for the policy limits. Auto Negligence; Injuries: Disc protrusions leading to spinal surgery & disc fusion, failed back syndrome resulting in severe pain and morphine pump installation; Damages: Loss of earning capacity, pain & suffering, past & future medical expenses. SUEHR v. EVETT and MASON ENTERPRISES.

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$575,000 Total Recovery

Nicolau Sommer was driving home from work when a vehicle driven by Neil Franzer crossed into his lane striking him head on. Mr. Sommer suffered serious injuries which prevented him from being able to return to work at his previous job. Mr. Franzer was charged with a DUI in connection with the accident. Our office filed suit and after several years of litigation, secured a settlement from the Defendant's employer for $475,000. Auto Negligence/Liability; Injuries: left clavicle fracture, sternum fracture, multiple rib fractures and rotator cuff injury resulting in surgery; Damages: Loss of earning capacity, pain & suffering, past & future medicals, wage loss. NICOLAU SOMMER v. NEIL FRANZER & EMPLOYER PHARMACEUTICAL DISTRIBUTION COMPANY. Whether your personal injury causes you to suffer physical or psychological injury directly due to another person’s negligence, we can help. At Wittmer | Linehan our attorneys employ a practical and professional approach to ensure our clients obtain full and fair recovery for their injuries. This includes damages for their past and future medical bills, [...]

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