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Due to confidential settlement agreements and privacy acts, the names of some of the parties to the following cases have been withheld.
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Case Review: Carrithers’ Trust

By 2003, Charles Carrithers had amassed an estate worth approximately forty-five million ($45,000,000.00) dollars. Mr. Carrithers retained a Virginia attorney to prepare his last will and testament and a revocable living trust. At that time, he was survived by three sons and five grandchildren. Our firm was hired to represent two of the five grandchildren as beneficiaries of the trust. The will left all estate assets to the beneficiaries of the revocable living trust.

$9,000,000 Stipulated Judgment (Policy limits: $100,000)

Our 26 year old client was a passenger in a van on his way to a jobsite to paint when for reasons that remain unknown a vehicle travelling in the opposite direction veered into their path. The injuries that resulted from this head on collision were devastating to our client as well as the 6 other passengers of the van. Our client suffered a severe brain injury leaving him wheelchair bound and with the mentality of a child. He will need constant care and supervision for the remainder of his life. Our office sent an offer to the Defendant driver's insurance carrier for the per person policy limits of $100,000. However, the insurance carrier did not accept our offer and our office filed suit. In July of 2009, our office accepted a stipulated judgment in the amount of $9,000,000. A bad faith case is currently pending against the insurer. Injuries: Diffuse axonal brain injury, hemorrhages in both frontal lobes, numerous facial fractures, pulmonary contusions, right lung collapse, left fibula [...]

Bad Faith|

$7,000,000 Stipulated Judgment (Policy limits: $25,000)

In April 2008, our 44 year old client was riding on the back of her boyfriend's motorcycle when a full size cargo van turned left directly in front of their path. The front of the van struck the motorcycle ejecting our client and pinning the motorcycle and rider under the van as it continued forward. The motorcycle erupted into flames causing both the rider and the van to become engulfed in flames as well. Both our client and her boyfriend were transported to Bayfront Medical Center via a trauma helicopter. Her boyfriend was pronounced dead hours later. Our client was left with a major brain injury in addition to multiple broken bones and respiratory issues that lead to numerous surgeries and a four month hospitalization. She will need round the clock care for the remainder of her life and has been in an acute nursing facility since her discharge from the hospital. Her teenage son has been put into the care of his grandmother who is also serving as [...]

Bad Faith|

$4,200,000 Settlement

A 21 year old was sitting on the curb at a bus stop at a busy intersection in Venice when the Defendant driver attempted an evasive maneuver to avoid traffic that was stopped at a red light. The Defendant was driving a large commercial tree trimming truck with a wood chipper attached via trailer. Due to his failure to use due care and begin braking at a safe distance, he had to swerve across several lanes of traffic eventually ending up in the right hand turn lane, driving up onto the curb and over our client. Our client was left with crush injuries to the lower half of his body and had to undergo over 14 surgical procedures in a two month time period. Additionally, he had severe injuries to his bladder which needed multiple surgeries and lead to long term usage of a catheter, bladder and UTI infections and ongoing urinary issues. He spent a little over a month in the hospital and then another month in an [...]

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