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Due to confidential settlement agreements and privacy acts, the names of some of the parties to the following cases have been withheld.
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Case Review – Winning the Appeal for the Carrithers Estate

Our firm represented the granddaughters of Charles Carrithers, who passed away in 2010 as a resident of Virginia. At the time, Mr. Carrithers had a significant estate for which he created a last will and testament and a revocable living trust. These estate planning documents provided for the equal descent and distribution of his assets to each of his three children and five grandchildren. The terms of the trust provided that three sons would receive income only during their lives, but the five grandchildren would receive an immediate distribution of their share. The attorney who initially prepared the will and trust became the subject of an investigation by the FBI for elder abuse. The lawyer was ultimately convicted and sent to prison. During this investigation, the FBI confiscated over 50 file boxes, including Mr. Carrithers’ original will. The sons of Mr. Carrithers claimed they could not locate the original will and refused to file a copy of the will with the court. Instead, the sons asked the court to [...]

Case Review – Motorcycle Accident Recovery

Insurance companies demand confidentiality in certain cases in order to keep their identity and adjusting tactics hidden. The following case review has fictional names, but is otherwise based upon a real-life case. On the evening of March 22, 2016, David Jones was riding his motorcycle southbound on State Road 776 as Jane Doe was driving northbound in a vehicle owned by Fast Eddie. When Jane Doe made an unexpected left turn in front of him, David applied his brakes and laid his bike down. Unable to avoid the collision, David sustained severe, life-threatening injuries, was airlifted to Sarasota Memorial Hospital, and admitted to the ICU. David suffered acute respiratory distress, multiple fractures, and dislocations to his ankle, scapula, femur, tibia, back, and ribs. Multiple orthopedic surgeries stabilized his fractures, but he was unable to walk for months. When his legs could bear weight, he had to use a walker and later a cane. His injuries left him unable to take care of simple daily activities or operate a vehicle [...]

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On September 1, 2017, after $200,000 in legal costs and years of protracted and contentious litigation, a Sarasota jury returned a verdict of $19.2 million in Mr. Martin's favor. This is the largest reported personal injury verdict in the history of Sarasota or Manatee counties.

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Once again, the dangers of driving under the influence can have significant effects on innocent drivers.  More and more these days we see the dangers of driving under the influence are caused not by drinking but by the consumption of narcotics. It became a reality for John Doe on July 30, 2016 when he was rear ended by an impaired driver.  For unknown reasons, the impaired driver was not arrested at the scene but was let go by the police only to have a second accident at the same intersection two hours later. Even more impaired, the driver was thankfully arrested for DUI. Unfortunately, Mr. Doe sustained severe injuries as a result of him being rear ended.  Mr. Doe hired our firm to represent him for the injuries and damages he sustained and will continue to have in the years to come.  After undergoing extensive surgery, Mr. Doe is recovering but will never be what he was like before this crash.  We were able to resolve his claims against [...]

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