Every success of Wittmer | Linehan is due to the contribution of our team of six core staff members. Beginning with your first visit to our office, all the way through case negotiations – and even trial if necessary – our office staff Allie and Dede, paralegals MichelleTerry and Christy, office manager Rebecca, are here to walk you through every step of the process.

Steve Wittmer and Greg Linehan have over 50 years of combined experience practicing law. They have been practicing together for fifteen years. Our commitment to personalized service means that partners, Steve and Greg, will be your lawyers throughout the entirety of your case.  You will have contact with your attorney and legal assistant from day one. That means phone calls, emails, letters, or in person meetings to keep you up to speed on the status of your case and to allow us to track your care and treatment.  You won’t show up to a deposition to find an attorney you’ve never seen or spoken to before.

Our office strives to treat each client as we would want to be treated were we in this same position.  Throughout this stressful and unfamiliar process, our staff works hard to be helpful, respectful, and knowledgeable.  It is important to us that we make this difficult process as easy as possible for each individual that walks through our doors.

One of the most valuable tools we offer our clients is our newsletter the Sarasota Litigator Journal. Published quarterly, the Sarasota Litigator Journal provides case reviews, settlement updates and information on economic trends and legal positions involving personal injury. Many clients rely on the Journal for information that may directly impact their lives – even after their case has been settled. Read current and past issues here.


Mr. Wittmer is a Board Certified Civil Trial Lawyer. Currently, less than one percent of Florida lawyers receive Board Certification. Mr. Wittmer represents individuals in the following areas of practice: personal injury, wrongful death, disputes involving insurance companies, and disputes involving inheritance rights under any Last Will & Testament or Trust Agreement.

Mr. Wittmer is a native Floridian having been born and raised in Miami, Florida. Prior to relocating to Sarasota, Mr. Wittmer practiced law in Miami for nine years. Seeking a better environment to raise their three daughters, Mr. Wittmer and his wife, Meg Wittmer, also an attorney, relocated to Sarasota, Florida. At one time, Mr. Wittmer was a managing partner of a Firm with offices in Miami, Sarasota and St. Petersburg, Florida. At present, Mr. Wittmer is a partner with Wittmer | Linehan, PLLC. Mr. Wittmer practices in all State Courts throughout Florida as well as the Southern and Middle District Federal Courts in Florida.



Mr. Linehan is a longtime Sarasota resident having lived here for over 48 years. After completing his studies at the University of Florida, he then attended law school in Miami. He worked in Miami for a brief period of time following law school before relocating back to Sarasota in 1997.

Upon his return to Sarasota, Mr. Linehan joined a firm where his primary focus was worker’s compensation law. Mr. Linehan was active in advocating for the rights of injured people in the State of Florida. In addition to the practice of worker’s compensation law, Mr. Linehan practiced Social Security Disability law and personal injury. In 2003, Mr. Linehan joined the firm of Steven T. Wittmer, P.A. to expand the firm’s areas of practice and to focus on personal injury law. In 2007, Mr. Linehan became a partner of Wittmer | Linehan, PLLC. Mr. Linehan practices in all State and Federal Courts throughout Florida.


Rebecca Curry,
Office Administrator

Rebecca Curry

Rebecca Curry was born and raised in Bradenton, FL.  She attended college at Manatee Community College (now known as State College of Florida) and graduated Summa Cum Laude with an Associate in Science in Accounting and Business Management.  After college, Rebecca spent several years working for a local bookkeeping company doing accounting, payroll and billing work for various small companies in the Sarasota area.  Fortunately, one of the companies that she did bookkeeping for was our law firm.  When it came time to hire a full time Office Administrator in 2005, she was the ideal candidate.


Christy O’Connor,
Legal Assistant to Greg Linehan

Christy O'Connor

Christy O’Connor was born in Miami, Florida and raised here, in Sarasota.  She graduated from Sarasota High School and attended Manatee Community College.  In 1990, she began working in the insurance field, at an insurance company in downtown Sarasota.  She transferred to a small insurance agency in St. Petersburg in 2001 and worked there for several years before becoming a stay at home mom to her two small children.


Terry Curry,
Legal Assistant to Greg Linehan

Terry Curry

Terry Curry was born and raised in Sarasota, Florida.  She graduated from Booker High School.  In 1986, Terry began her journey into the insurance claims field with a job as an adjuster at FCCI.  There, she worked for 15 years, primarily as an adjuster for workers’ compensation claims.  This eventually lead her to seek out a position as an assistant to a work comp attorney.  She found a position with a young attorney, Greg Linehan, at a local firm that primarily does work comp and personal injury litigation.


Michelle Miller, Legal Assistant to Steve Wittmer & Litigation Paralegal

Michelle Miller

Michelle Miller lived in several states when she was young, but spent the majority of her youth in California, just outside of Los Angeles.  There, she attended Los Angeles Valley College and California State University, pursuing degrees in Marketing and Business.  She graduated from Catherine College with a degree in Paralegal Studies in 1990.  Upon graduation, Michelle worked for several law firms in the LA area as a Workers’ Compensation Paralegal.


Allison Sebastianelli,

Allison Sebastianelli

Allison Sebastianelli, known around our office as Allie, was born and raised in Cincinnati, Ohio.  She attended the University of Cincinnati and obtained her Associate in Arts in Computer Technology.  In 2011, Allie and her family, relocated to Sarasota, Florida.


Deanna Oswalt,
Office Assistant

Deanna Oswalt, known around the office as Dede, was born and raised in Sarasota, FL.  She attended Booker High School’s VPA program, Sarasota High School and graduated from Riverview High School.  After high school, she attended Manatee Community College, seeking a degree in legal assisting.

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