Hiring a Great Personal Injury Attorney

Hiring a great personal injury attorney is imperative to achieve the results you desire. Personal injury is a specialized type of law that requires that your attorney have the knowledge, experience, and resources it takes to succeed. Attorneys who are not well versed in personal injury cases cannot offer the quality of representation that an [...]

No-Contact Motorcycle Accidents

No-contact motorcycle accidents are a common way that bikers can be injured as a result of another driver. These types of accidents occur when a biker maneuvers to avoid crashing with another individual or to a passenger riding on a bike. The driver that causes the biker to maneuver can be held liable for a biker’s [...]

Animal Caused Accidents

Florida drivers are well aware of the dangers posed by animals and the increased likelihood of an animal caused accident on rural roadways. Wildlife is often present on rural roads, and are notorious for jumping out in front of unexpecting vehicles. Animal caused accidents routinely occur in Florida. Many unfortunate drivers have head-on collisions with large [...]

Johnson & Johnson Baby Powder Litigation

There are more than 9,000 talcum-powder lawsuits across the United States.  These lawsuits are aimed at companies like Johnson & Johnson as well as companies responsible for mining talc. While only a few of these lawsuits have gone to trial, Johnson & Johnson has lost most of them. In St. Louis, Missouri, Johnson & Johnson was [...]