Statute of Limitations for Florida Wrongful Death Claims

Under Florida law, individuals who are considered “survivors” may be compensated for losses resulting from the death of another person. However, because the death of a loved one is such a traumatic event, initiating a lawsuit is typically not a survivor’s top priority. Nevertheless, a statute of limitations exists for Florida wrongful death claims. This statute [...]

Should you decline the auto insurance when renting a car?

If you have ever rented a car, you’ve undoubtedly had that moment of confusion, uncertainty, and maybe even panic, when you came to the question of whether or not you should pay for the optional insurance. Often when we are renting a car we are in a distressed state to begin with: we’ve just stepped [...]

What to Do When You Can’t Pay the Medical Bills

Although it may seem overwhelming, there are a number of options for paying your medical bills after an accident.

Social Media and Protecting Your Personal Injury Case

Mostly everyone uses some form of social media such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or other platforms on a regular basis. These platforms can be great to keep in touch with family, friends, as well as a way to share information about our lives and interests. Sometimes, however, individuals are quick to share information without much [...]