Hiring a great personal injury attorney in Englewood is imperative to achieve the results you desire. Personal injury is a specialized type of law that requires that your attorney have the knowledge, experience, and resources it takes to succeed. Attorneys who are not well versed in personal injury cases cannot offer the quality of representation that an attorney who is experienced with these types of cases can. Below are tips for hiring a great personal injury attorney for your case.

Hire an Attorney with Resources

Hiring a great personal injury attorney means finding someone who has the resources to effectively handle your case. Most serious personal injury cases require the right resources to be successful. Experts such as doctors, economists, biomechanics, and accident reconstructions may be necessary to properly prepare a case. A great personal injury attorney will have a network of professionals that they work with to ensure that your case is properly prepared.

Hire an Attorney with a Proven Track Record in Englewood

When an attorney has a documented history of successfully handling personal injury cases in the past, it is a good indicator of whether they will be able to meet your needs. Client testimonials are a great resource when hiring a personal injury attorney because it allows you to see the results they have achieved for their clients. If an attorney achieved the desired results for their past clients, it is a good indicator that they have what it takes to handle your personal injury case.

Hire an Attorney with Trial Experience

Hiring a great personal injury attorney means selecting an attorney who has a history of taking cases to trial when necessary. Many attorneys who practice personal injury have never stepped foot inside a courtroom, which can be detrimental to your case. Insurance companies are very aggressive and if they know that your attorney is scared of a trial, they will be unwilling to offer you the settlement you deserve. Attorneys without courtroom experience may coerce you into settling early and for less. If an attorney is scared to put your case in front of a jury, it is less likely that you will achieve your desired results in your personal injury case.

Hire an Attorney with a History of High Dollar Verdicts and Settlements in Englewood

If you have a serious personal injury case, it is important to hire a great personal injury attorney with a track record of delivering large verdicts and settlement amounts. It is important to ask your attorney about their past verdicts and settlements.

Wittmer|Linehan knows that hiring a great personal injury attorney is important to the success of your case. Each year, our firm represents hundreds of clients and their families who were injured in accidents. We treat each case as if it will proceed to trial. Additionally, we maintain a network of experts to assist in the preparation of your case. In 2017, our experience and resources obtained the largest reported personal injury verdict in the history of Sarasota or Manatee counties. Our attorneys understand that results matter. Call (941) 365-2296 to learn more about how Wittmer|Linehan can help you with your personal injury case.