Some individuals purchase Florida homeowners’ insurance because it is often required by lenders. Knowing when to file a claim can be tricky. A skilled insurance claim lawyer who is familiar with Florida homeowners’ insurance claims can help you navigate the process. The attorneys at Wittmer|Linehan can help you get the results that you deserve. Below are some common reasons for a Florida homeowners’ insurance claim:

Wind and Storm Damage

Florida’s hurricane season can bring with it serious storms. During these storms, strong winds, rain or hail can cause significant damage. Hail producing storms can result in an entire roof needing to be replaced, at an expensive cost. It is important that a homeowners’ insurance policy list roof coverage for protection from these kinds of major repair and replacement costs.

Damage from Flying Debris

Strong winds from storms can cause tree limbs or power lines to fall, resulting in serious property damage. Fallen trees can damage roofs, break windows, and cause flooding. Flying objects are another common reason for damage to property during a storm. All of these situations present valid reasons to file a homeowners’ insurance claim.


Many parts of Florida are considered swampland, and flood easily during heavy rainstorms. This is especially true in areas with poor drainage systems. Homeowners’ policies can cover flood damage and may even be required of homeowners living in certain high-risk areas. Additionally, water damage and flooding can be a result of faulty plumbing and appliance issues. While older homes may be more susceptible to water damage, all homes should be inspected regularly for plumbing and appliance issues. Every 10 years, homeowners should replace washing machine hoses and water heaters.  Also, homeowners may be entitled to a deduction in their insurance premium for installing a sump pump if they live in an area prone to flooding.

Fire Damage

Another common Florida homeowners’ insurance claim deals with fire damage. The average loss due to fire is approximately $20,000 because of how extensive the damage can be. Accordingly, homeowners’ insurance is very important to have. Faulty electrical systems and appliances, as well as cooking accidents,  are the most cited reasons for fires. Homeowners should use proper safety techniques and keep wiring up-to-date to avoid a fire. Additionally, fire extinguishers should be available near where food is prepared.


If someone is injured on your property, you may be held liable for those injuries. Injuries can occur to friends, family, a contractor working on your home, or in certain circumstances, to a complete stranger. Where injury has occurred to someone on your property, a Florida homeowners’ insurance claim may be filed.


Several Florida claims are filed each year due to theft. Florida homeowners can prevent theft by keeping doors locked, installing a security system, having neighbors check the home, and refraining from hiding spare keys in accessible outdoor areas.

Wittmer|Linehan has experience dealing with insurance companies concerning Florida homeowners’ claims. Throughout the stressful and unfamiliar process, our attorneys and staff work hard to be helpful, respectful and knowledgeable. If you have filed a Florida homeowners’ insurance claim, our experienced attorneys can help. Call us at (941) 365-2296 to discuss your case.