I was very pleased with the work of the law office of Wittmer and Linehan. Michelle Miller was wonderful. She was very helpful and informative when it came to telling me how everything would go. This process was made very painless and went very smooth and I don’t believe I would have had the same outcome on my own. So thankful for the work of this law firm and am thoroughly pleased. I will definitely recommend your services to others who need it.

Danielle Petersen, Bradenton, FL

I found your advice to be professional; your reply to my inquiries prompt; and your demeanor patient and kind. You treated mother with the utmost respect giving her extraordinary measures of explanation even during difficult times when she did not fully understand the situation or the ramifications of her decision. Your mediation skills produced generous and fair settlement and your negotiation skills with all the suppliers reduced our actual expenses beyond my expectations. So, I am left to simply state: Thank you!

Dr. Kenneth P Redmann, Pastor, Port Charlotte, FL
[Wittmer | Linehan] Provided excellent service while handling the case through emails and phone calls due to distance between us (MO – FL). Staff was professional and helpful at all times.

Michael Faith, Sarasota, FL

I was offered $5,000 by the insurance company. By using lawyers, I got $9000, so you were definitely helpful to me.

Judy Council, Sarasota, FL