Past Results

$575,000 Total Recovery

Nicolau Sommer was driving home from work when a vehicle driven by Neil Franzer crossed into his lane striking him head on. Mr. Sommer suffered serious injuries which prevented him from being able to return to work at his previous job. Mr. Franzer was charged with a DUI in connection with the accident. Our office [...]

$550,000 Settlement

Our 22 year old client was driving home in the early morning hours on US41 when the Defendant driver going in the opposite direction crossed the center line and struck her car head on. She was transported to Sarasota Memorial Hospital and then later airlifted to a trauma hospital where she underwent emergency surgery for [...]

$500,000 (Bad Faith) Settlement

Our office was contacted by an attorney to review a case in which they secured a judgment of $334,363.86 at trial. Our office immediately filed an insurance bad faith lawsuit because the insurance company failed to evaluate the claim properly and protect their insured by settling the claim before a lawsuit was filed. After a [...]

$500,000 Recovery

Our client was riding his motorcycle to work at his furniture company when the Defendant driver turned in front of him, violating his right of way and severely injuring him. Due to his injuries, he was subjected to numerous surgeries over the course of a year as well as countless months of rehabilitation and physical [...]

$490,000 Recovery (Policy Limits: $200,000)

James and Kathilynn Mason were travelling home from work when they were rear-ended by the defendant. Both clients were injured and were transported to the ER via ambulance. Our office offered to settle the claims for the policy limits, however the Defendant's insurer did not comply with the offer. After our office had filed suit, [...]

$480,000 Recovery

Injuries: Slip and fall in walk in cooler leading to low back injuries requiring surgery resulting in failed back syndrome and leading to the plaintiff becoming wheelchair bound with a morphine pump for continual pain; Damages: Loss of earning capacity, pain & suffering, future medical expenses. JANE DOE v. EMPLOYER BAR & GRILL/WORK COMP CARRIER. [...]

$465,000 Recovery (Policy Limits: $200,000)

Our clients were enjoying an evening ride on their motorcycle when the Defendant made an illegal right turn from the center lane of US 41, causing the motorcycle to strike the rear end of the Defendant's vehicle. Both of our clients were transported to the hospital with serious injuries. Our office sent an offer to [...]

$362,450 Recovery

Injuries: Low back injury due to lifting a bag of fertilizer while working at a nursery. Plaintiff required surgery for her back injury as well as for a hernia. Damages: Loss of earning capacity, pain & suffering, future medical expenses. JANE DOE v. EMPLOYER NURSERY/WORK COMP CARRIER. The Law Offices of Wittmer | Linehan is [...]

$351,666.68 Recovery

Early one morning in October 2006, Arnal Smallwood, his daughter, two of his nephews and three of his employees were driving to a job site when a car driven by Matthew McQueary hit them head on at a high rate of speed. As a result of this crash, Mr. Smallwood, his daughter, her unborn child, [...]

$350,000 Total Recovery (Policy Limits: $10,000/$20,000)

Larry Gillispie and his daughter, Cassarina, were driving east bound on state road 72 when a vehicle heading in the opposite direction crossed into their lane and struck the left front section of their vehicle. Both of our clients were transported to the hospital via ambulance and Larry was later taken via medical helicopter to [...]