Past Results

$1,965,000 Bad Faith Settlement

$1,965,000 Bad Faith Settlement In June 2012, the bad faith claims against the insurance company for their failure to settle the claims for the uninsured policy limits of $10,000 were settled days before the trial was to begin. The insurance company paid $1,965,000 to settle the claim. $1,977,000 Verdict (Policy limits: $10,000): A 35 year [...]

$1,760,000 Total Recovery (Policy limits: $100,000)

A 42 year old emergency room nurse on her way home from the gym when the Defendant driver ran a red light and slammed into the passenger side of her vehicle. The injuries that resulted from this collision were life altering for our client, leaving her in need of constant care & supervision. Our office [...]

$1,564,256.69 Total Recovery (Minor Child: $764,256.69 Recovery; Parents: $800,000.00 Recovery) (Policy limits: $500,000)

Our client was a 10 year old unrestrained passenger in the backseat of a vehicle with 4 other children that were being transported to an after school gymnastics program when the vehicle was hit head on. Nearly a year after her accident, a settlement was secured on behalf of the minor child from both the [...]

$1,500,000 Policy Limits Recovery

Our client was enjoying a ride on his motorcycle when he was struck by the Defendant driver. He was immediately airlifted to a trauma unit in Tampa due to his extensive injuries. Our office sent offers to both the Defendant's insurer as well as our client's uninsured/underinsured motorist insurer for their policy limits ($1,000,000 and [...]

$1,270,000 Recovery

Our office was co-counsel in the representation of an 18 month old minor survivor in an accident that claimed the lives of her parents. A settlement was secured on her behalf as well as on behalf of both of her parents estates. Damages: Loss of support & consortium. JANE DOE, a minor child v. DEFENDANT [...]

$1,000,000 Policy Limits Recovery

Our client was leaving a local night club after enjoying his night out with his son when they were attacked by another patron of the club. Our office spoke with witnesses that stated that the night club manager and employees locked the entrance to the club and refused to call the authorities for help. We [...]

$1,000,000 Recovery (Policy limits: $200,000)

Timothy and John Rooney were leaving their subdivision for a ride on their motorcycles when the Defendant driver went through a stop sign and struck both of them. Both of the them were thrown from their motorcycles and sustained serious injuries, however both were fortunate to be wearing helmets at the time of the crash. [...]

$800,000 Recovery

Heather Miller was a restrained passenger in a Honda Civic when a semi-tractor truck driving in the opposite direction attempted to pass another vehicle and struck the Civic head on. The semi-tractor drove up and onto the Civic. Both Ms. Miller and the driver were pronounced dead at the scene of the accident. Our office [...]

$708,301 Total Recovery ($130,000 Defendant Owner Recovery & $578,301 Verdict) (Policy Limits: $100,000)

Travis Kirkland and his friend were on their way home after celebrating St. Patrick's Day at a local bar. While stopped at a light, his friend's truck was struck from behind by a minor driver. After the crash, both Travis and the driver exited the vehicle to assess the damage. At that time, the minor [...]

$589,717 Recovery (Policy Limits: $500,000)

Our client was driving from her office in Palmetto to a meeting in Venice on I-75 when the defendant swerved into her lane causing her to leave the road and hit some trees on the side of the interstate. The defendant initially fled the scene of the accident but was chased down by an eye [...]