Our 26 year old client was a passenger in a van on his way to a jobsite to paint when for reasons that remain unknown a vehicle travelling in the opposite direction veered into their path. The injuries that resulted from this head on collision were devastating to our client as well as the 6 other passengers of the van. Our client suffered a severe brain injury leaving him wheelchair bound and with the mentality of a child. He will need constant care and supervision for the remainder of his life. Our office sent an offer to the Defendant driver’s insurance carrier for the per person policy limits of $100,000. However, the insurance carrier did not accept our offer and our office filed suit. In July of 2009, our office accepted a stipulated judgment in the amount of $9,000,000. A bad faith case is currently pending against the insurer. Injuries: Diffuse axonal brain injury, hemorrhages in both frontal lobes, numerous facial fractures, pulmonary contusions, right lung collapse, left fibula fracture, left acetabular fracture, grade III spleen injury. Damages: Past & future medical care, past wage loss, loss of earning capacity, pain & suffering. GUARDIANSHIP OF KENNETH BOZEMAN V. KAREN BONAGUA AS PERSONAL REPRESENTATIVE OF THE ESTATE OF MATTHEW McQUEARY